Is HIPS safe in saltwater aquariums??

I would like to build a platform that would raise up my protein skimmer, so the part would be underwater. Curious if anyone know if HIPS is safe in saltwater aquariums and wont be toxic for the fish or coral. Thanks in advance!

ABS is for sure, HIPS should be. It dissolves with Limonene, which shouldn’t theoretically be present in a saltwater aquarium. Some Tetratec filters have an ABS body. ABS and HIPS plastic will have tiny microscopic voids in the print surface, so you can basically treat it as additional biological filtration media. Chemically saltwater should not affect either material. ABS will release small amounts of chemicals that your filter should handle with no problem if you get it warmer than 130c, but most aquarium fish would be very annoyed with you if the water got to that point anyways.

Ok, thanks for the info. Now if I could just get my printer to actually work.

HIPS is very very difficult to print for some reason. it doesn’t seem to like to stick to anything. Aside from that, what is your printer doing or not doing? maybe people here can help get it working for you?