Is my first layer okay?

Doing a test print of the Octogear on a Taz Workhorse. I did autocalibration and a slight adjustment of the Z offset based upon a few earlier prints that had minute gaps on the bottom and top. I checked the e steps before doing a z offset adjustment and the e steps were dead on. I am wondering if it would be better to increase flow rate or do the z offset like I did.

The first layer is measuring between .28 and .48 mm according to the digital calipers I used depending on the side that is measured.

Here’s the finished print.

The top layer still has some small spacing issues. The bottom only has one tiny blank area instead of the 6-10 that it had previously. However, since the top is still messed up z offset probably wasn’t the solution? The width of the gear is 56.08 mm and the height is 9.96 mm so that seems well within margin of error/tolerance. Should I slightly increase the flow rate? I should probably state it has this kind of top on everything I’ve printed regardless of the number of top/bottom layers and high detail/standard through Lulzbot Cura.

Couldn’t put 2 photos in one post.