Is the Taz 4 the same as the TAZ Guava?

Quick question, I was looking at the parts page and noticed that it shows the Taz 3 is sold out and that a new TAZ 4 is arriving May 5th, called the TAZ 4. Is that that the same as the TAZ codenamed “Guava”?

I noticed that the Guava manual has the TAZ 4 title.

Still looking for a changelog to figure out what the differences are between the 3 and the 4.

leadscrews and a new electronics enclosure mainly I believe.

Guava = development name of TAZ 4. So Guava is TAZ 4, when released.

Leadscrews eh?

I’m going to have to dig through a little more.

Jebba any idea of price? I’m assuming similar to the Taz 3 prior to the sale?

Here’s a changelog (in LibreOffice format):

Price will be $2,195.



Lead screws and a change log!! I will be updating to this Z axis configuration.

Haha couldn’t have said it better myself…

I have already updated my custom built Taz 3 to the new Z axis config. I think the upgrade is definitely worth it. Here’s some pics of my z axis.

That looks great! Did you get these from Misumi? I went to look at buying the parts from the BOM and while I found the leadscrews and resin nuts, it looked like the GSASL16-5-5 couplers were discontinued. Is CPSX16-5-5 the correct replacement? These parts definitely aren’t cheap in small batches and I don’t want to get the wrong ones. :slight_smile:

I’ve got my upgrade parts printed, but I haven’t figured out where to go buy the leadscrews from yet. It’s on my list.

Yes I purchased my parts from misumi. The CPSX16-5-5 couplers should work fine.