Trouble printing with supports

I can print almost anything I have ever wanted to with a little trial and error but for some reason I have been unsecsessful at printing anything that needs support. I added some photos of my latest project and you can see the supports start to print great but where the actual part starts to print it curls up and separates a from the supports. Out of ideas feel like I’ve tried everything. Fan/no fan, fast/slow, different temps, no idea. Any help is much appreciated!

Try with Cura:

What filament are you using? ABS? PLA?
Is your printer enclosed in a box or open to drafts?
Are you using a Lulzbot provided Profile that’s specifically created for support?
Are you using Slic3r or Cura or something else?

Using PLA
Modified lulzbot fine print config
Open room but temp in room about 75-80
Using slicer to generate gcode file