Cura slicer problem with supports

Im new to 3D printing - starting with the Taz 6. I loaded a pi camera mount into the Cura app and asked for supports because of the rise angle. I saved the g-code file to my SD card and printed. Good supports were printed for the first 45 degree angle upward but Towards the top of the mount the printer moved to both sides of the mount and extruded strings of PLA into thin air. . What went wrong? How do I prevent from happening again.

Taz 6 tallmount pivot camera

Hi I’m brand new to 3d printing with a Taz 6 (about a week) and I printed these camera mounts (short and longer) in PLA and they came out fine. Using the shorter mount on the left front corner as the extruder bumps the camera housing on the right side. I suspect that what happened in your case was related to bed adhesion that is maybe a small shift towards the end of the print? maybe try a little PVA glue on the bed? I’ve found there are definitely differences between manufactures of the same class of material especially ABS so really check the manufacturers print settings.