ITWorks-3D Printer Heads

Hey everyone, a bit new here but wanted to share some recent awesome news about my Lulz Taz 6.

I’ve been struggling with very detailed prints on my Taz6, it does everything good, not great. After weeks and months of dialing it in, purchasing all sorts of new tool heads, etc I was just not THAT happy with it’s level of detail. When it was dialed in on a certain print, it would look great. My issue was, printing something 2 or 3 times to get a flawless print was becoming an issue, especially as I get busy for work ,etc.

Talking with some friends (they love their Ultimakers) that work in the industry of 3D printing and are far better at this, I was persuaded to get a new S3. It’s great, and it’s dual extrusion is SUPER fun, but I still felt I had unfinished business with the Taz…

Doing some googling, I was bale to find a smaller shop in CO called IT-WORKS 3D. I was a bit skeptical, just becuase doing some googling I was not able to find much about them. I resorted to using a telephone for it’s primary use and got the owner / operator Zach. Within ten minutes I was convinced I needed one of his tool heads for my printer.

I explained I had a .25 Micro SL & Aerostruder from Lulz directly, but still was not getting that last “10 to 20%” of accuracy. He claimed the tool head they make will get me there, and offered about “10% improvement.” Wow, was he wrong… I set my eSteps, hit print, and dannnngggggg it’s amazing.

My first Benchy print, without any tuning was nearly flawless. Better than my brand new S3, better than anything I could get with the micro SL OR aero toolhead, I’m talking, PERFECT.

I’m new to this community and forum so I can’t post too much, but please feel free to let me know if you want additional photos, etc. I can share a bunch. Please give Zach a call if you want to support a really awesome business and gain so much accuracy, easily, with your Taz product. 100% recomend!

Here is a nice lil .15 Polygon Megaman I printed for a friends child the other day. No settings, just default!! Matterhackers Pro PLA - TAZ 6 - ITWORKS print head, 0.4 nozzle


Also, I love my Taz! I’m Scott, nice to meet everyone!

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I think you are going to hear a lot of good things about Zach. I had a question about an item on his site and on a Sunday morning had a few email exchanges with him. When E3d is back online I will be sending him a ton of my money to buy a new toolhead.

To be fair I had also had some positive conversations with Lulzbot support. I just dont know if I can give them anymore of my money right now.

He really is great. The printer head is stunning. I know I sound like a crazy person but I’ve just never thought this level of quality would come out of my Lulzbot, haha.

Seriously worth the money. I loved it so much I ended up buying two, so I can run different nozzle sizes in each and swap them easier. 10/10! is a great place for TAZ parts, printers and really great toolhead upgrades.

The owner Zach has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable to get me what I need to keep my TAZ’s up and running and improve them with better toolheads and parts.