jrhubott's Mini Firmware Totally Rocks

Making this a new thread to emphasize the point. :wink:

The way his firmware does the probing is for the five prints I’ve used it on so far, 100% spot on. I’m using PETG which is a bit more gummy than ABS and I usually expect about 1 in 5 probes to fail. I just started my 5th print, printer totally cold, no pre-heat, 40F ambient temp in the garage, no pre-clean, blackened nozzle – his firmware did the job perfectly despite these contrary conditions.

If you’re having trouble with probing, I’d definitely give this a shot. I’m using the version linked to in this post (there is apparently a newer version too): https://forum.lulzbot.com/t/mini-marlin-fw-1-1rc3/2750/1

Really interested in this firmware, so appreciate the report.

How does the probing method differ that makes it more reliable? And aside from the probing, have you noticed other changes that improve your printing?

I’ve put on at least a dozen more prints since my last post and not a single probe has failed.

I don’t know exactly what he has changed – I do note that the method is different just from watching the behavior of the print head – for example, it makes a run at the front left washer at the start of the process, but then swings over to the front right and probes that first, taking the front left last. It also seems that the head moves down more gently for the initial probe.

As for the print quality, I see no differences between it and stock. The main advantage is the reliability of probing.

All of my prints using this firmware thus far have been with eSUN PETG which is less error prone than PLA, and more error prone than ABS in my experience. An extreme torture test would be to see how it performs with PLA but my PLA experiences have been so bad, I don’t want to be the PLA guinea pig.

I think I read a description that his probing sequence check the z heights of the 4 washers from the current attempt against the results from the previous one and does something (aborts? retries? pauses for user input?) if the difference is too great. I may be remembering this incorrectly…