Kauri Cables gunna be tight

ok im Currently 3/4 of the way of a Kauri build using the taz 3/5 frame parts
and well im to the point of dry fitting the wiring in the drag chains
According to their BOM they call for a drag chain with an interior dimension of .41" X .39"
The drag chain im using has an interior dimension of 51" X .39" and well all the wiring for a dual extruder setup barely fits

Heres the wire List
4X wires for the two thermistors
4X shielded wires for the heaters
2 sets of 4 wire for the extruder motors (im using 22 gauge flat strips)
2 sets of 2 wire for the extruder cooling fans
2 sets of 2 wire for the Print cooling fans
What ever wiring they use for the auto bed leveling( im skipping this part for now)

Im just posting this because they do us the courtesy of posting their BOM’s and keeping things open source so i figure i owe them feedback that may or may not be helpful when they start setting up to mass produce these things

you probably should post this in the Kauri development thread.

I’d probably wait until they are done developing… the BOM is out there, but I’m sure its subject to change as they build more of these machines to test.

Where is this thread i cant find it

Cool, thanks for the notes.

Kauri still faces many revisions before launch, so this is helpful.