KITTAZ behaving strangely

Hello World!!

Suddenly my Kittaz started to behave strangely. The printer prints different paths than expected. Although the paths looks perfect in Pronterface, the actual print has circles that are not circular and lines in the wrong place, crossing each other… I’ve tried turning off and back on the printer, the computer and nothing happened. I’ve also tried to reload the firmware and didn’t work either.
Any ideas?? Thanks.

2 pictures of wrong prints

Check your Y axis (bed) belt tension and make sure the pulley on the NEMA 17 motor is tight and both setscrews are down all the way and at least one of them is lined up with the flat point on the shaft.

It could also be software weirdness, but that’s where I would start based off the picture.

You got it piercet! I visually checked it and the pulley is loose. Thank you.

You’re welcome! Circles out of round in one direction almost always indicate a belt problem in whichever direction they are distorted.

Sounds very obvious… after someone tells you… :wink:

Thanks again.