Lancewood is the codename of next generation of the TAZ. It was Kauri, but we have rev’d this a version. So no more Kauri. Lancewood will be more TAZ like in chassis (not like the Mini/Kauri). Files will start landing here:


Neat! What kind of changes is Lancewood going to incorporate?

I keep trying to get someone to attach quadcopter motors to a 3d printer and make one that would follow a person around the office printing things, but so far everyone says thats a crazy idea for some reason. Probably the short power cord and 3 foot flight radius.

For some reason I thought of this:
ketchup robot.gif

So looking at the files in I had a couple of questions if anyone is at liberty to divulge knowledges.

It looks like the Z axis is going to get double 12mm rods on either side, and 12mm rods elsewhere as well. That should definitly minimize the deflection issue quite a bit. I notice though, the Z bearing idler etc. assembly doesn’t look printable as it sits. Is that just an early build part? or is it going to be a multi part assembly?

Is the Bed going to have a minimum and a Maximum endstop? It looks like the Y belt mount has provisions for the endstop to ride on it, and at either end.

I like the new extruder carriage. Thats going to be a solid piece.

Any pictures of what the assembly is going to look like as a whole yet?

First renderings on Lancewood

Neat! should be lots of room in that side box thingy.

I think they mentioned integration of the PSU…

Making the box the same height as the frame would provide a cleaner look. :slight_smile:.

and looking at their docs, i see a ‘planned’ feburary / Q1 release date! thats great news! i cant wait to get my hands on Lancewood [much cooler name that Kauri btw]

Will the 5 be upgradable to Lancewood?

Mostly. The control box you would have to make or source, but the mechanical printed parts should all fit in the same general area. The base frame extrusion and spacing doesn’t change.