TAZ Batch 2

I saw the TAZ batch 2 orders are now open here:

There aren’t a lot of specs there, but I’m curious…for those of us that own batch 1, are there any substantial upgrades? It doesn’t look like there is an upgrade kit available for pre-order, so I take it that it’s not a massive upgrade. I’m particularly curious if this has the new heated bed though or if that’ll be in batch 3.

  • Adam

The Batch 2 printers have the GLCD controller, with printed & laser cut parts and a metal electronics enclosure. We’re hoping to offer the GLCD controller in the store soon, so users can upgrade their batch 1 TAZ units. We do not have the new heated beds just yet.

Ah - got it. Thanks for the info!

I’ll definitely be interested in checking out the GLCD - more for an on printer bed & hotend temp than anything else since I’m using OctoPrint for the actual print jobs. I’ll keep an eye out for news on the new heated bed whenever it’s ready. I’d also be interested in a TAZ printer enclosure if you guys ever decide to produce one… :wink:

  • Adam

Are any of the extruder or chassis parts different?

Wow! Already 246% funded! Congrats! :slight_smile:

John, you can have a look at the development files for the TAZ here:


Those guys hide nothing.

It looks like the X-carriage at least got a slight redesign. Anything else in the X axis changed? I’m still having trouble juggling keeping that belt taut, not having it rub against the tension screws on the carriage, and keeping it from falling off the bearing :stuck_out_tongue:

There are some new parts out there (specifically the bearing mount part) that will fix the belt falling off issue. both in lulzbots folders and on thingiverse. The new parts have edges on both sides of the bearing, so it cannot fall off.

hey thanks, I’ll have to poke around for them when I have some free time. I imagine any change will require disassembly of the Z-Axis regardless. It looks like the new X carriage has added some distance between the face of the plate and the heat insert screws to grip the belt, which might help also.