Latest marlin firmware for TAZ 5

So I started porting the g28 and g29 commands from the development branch to the firmware that Lulzbot uses, but gave up on the first 3 hours… the default firmware is too old, I think it is based on 2013 code, porting only that portion would be an considerable effort.

So I went for option two, ported the lulzbot changes to the latest marlin firmware, it is not 100% yet… I still need to redo the sound part, the current marlin sound (when using the lcd) is annoying. I will remove the delay on the lcd screen that lulzbot added because it does not work well on the new firmware.

Things that I tested and it is working:

  • ->Fans (both the controller and the cooling)
    ->Extrusion / Retraction
    ->X,Y and Z movements
    ->Bed leveling with the grid map
    ->And it is obviously printing :slight_smile:

I did not test the eeprom storage of settings yet. I also had one problem where even setting the temperature using pronterface, the printer stopped after the g29 command waiting the temperature reach the correct temperature, I did not had the temperature set on cura, I’m still investigating what is happening there… I’ll try PID Tuning the extruder with the new firmware.

Note: This is not an official firmware that lulzbot supports, upgrade it at your own risk.

I forked the official marlin and I’m planing to keep the code up to date whenever a new feature is introduced on marlin.

The link of the forked branch is:

Use this lulzbot guide to upgrade your printer:

Hey vitor,

Just got an update from our research team. They are working on testing some of that firmware currently with a new custom RAMBo-ish board project:

Give it a look.

Nice, Vitor!

3dprintdaddy - any other info on this RAMBo-ish board? Is it meant for the Mini? I tried opening up the .brd files but it looks like they’re not made in Eagle. (Maybe Kicad? I don’t have Kicad.)

Hey Mushoo, not 100% sure, I am guessing this one is going to be used for Kauri (

Nice work, Vitor! Definitely want to add the autoprobe in the next few months.

Updated the code, removed the delay and the annoying sound.

The new firmware is working like a charm, you can see it working on this video.

I tuned the new extruder using the latest marlin and it gave me very similar PID settings. To make the grid level faster is easy. Just change the level before probe to a lower value instead of 10mm (1mm should work fine).

Hi vitormhenrique, do you stil try to keep the code up to date? as far as i can see, it’s Version 1.0.1?


I was able to get Auto Bed Compensation (G29) working using the Official 2015Q3 FW from Lulzbot. I had to enable support in Configuration.h but the support is now baked in. I’m not sure about mesh leveling though.

Lulzbot released a newer firmware that has most of this stuff.

I need to analyze the code and make a decision if it is still needed to keep this branch.

I can start looking to the newer 1.1 Release Candidate if you guys think that this could be beneficial.

Meanwhile you could check the official lulzbot firmware:

Look’s like Lulzbot it still using a firmware based on 1.0.0 so I don’t think it has the grid map methodology.

I’ll update this branch to 1.0.2. Give me a couple of days and I’ll post here the results.

I have no knowledge about creating a git repository, but I have the Version 1.1 RC2 configured icluding the Lulzbot splash screen etc. Works great. Maybe you want to take this saving you the time to do all again…

Sure, just post here, put it on a zip file attached.

I’ll double check against current version of marlin development and my initial changes just because…

That would save-me few hours! :slight_smile:

I plan on replacing the “Accurate Bed Leveling” Code with the enhanced g29 code tonight. I have attached the files you need need to this post
G29.cpp (13.1 KB)
vector_3.cpp (4.63 KB)

I’d love to have it also. Please upload. For some reason I can’t get the newest to compile.

I will upload it tomorrow as soon as I’m back from work.

what version of Arduino IDE did you use to compile it? When I compile it always ends up at around 54kb.

I’m using the latest one available (stable). Had no problems with it, do you get an error message?

Yeah all sorts of variable not initialized errors. I’ll try with most recent stable again. Please post the hex and the source when you post. Thanks!

I was able to get it compiled and mostly sorted out this morning using 1.0.5. None of the Lulzbot code but it’s working. Still need to figure out mesh leveling.

Mesh Leveling is easy:

In the attachment you can find the .hex file and a Marlin folder with the sources itself.

Changes to original-Marlin 1.1-RC2:
.) TAZ specific values added (steps/mm, …)
.) New value in 1.1 “Travel acceleration” set to 1200
.) Enabled FW retraction with my best values for that
.) Enabled SD Support (of course…)
.) Reduced extruder acceleration from 3000 to 2400. 3000 is TAZ 5 default, but thats to high. Extruder is missing steps, resulting in blobs when unretracting. 2400 is the highest safe value for my extruder.
.) Enabled filament change possibility
.) Preheat options for PLA and ABS
.) All “Lulzbot-specific” changes (only Boot logo and another font, to be precise :wink: )

.) Just for information: Thermal protection is enabled by default in this Marlin release, so your TAZ shouldn’t get on fire as seen last days in this forum :sunglasses:

Edit: Use it at your own risk, of course…
Marlin.rar (482 KB)