Layer binding problem


i have printed some models with 600-1000 layers.

on the most models i have the problem you see on the picture.
there are loose layers on different heights starting about 3cm from the bottom.
they go half across the model.

is this a common problem?
does anyone have an idea what to do?

thank you for your help.

What material are you printing with? If it is ABS or HIPS this can be common without a proper enclosure

i printed all models with abs @ 240°C at the nozzle and 110°C at the bed.
i have the MINI, so there is no enclosure. the temperature in my room was all the time about 21°C.
Mainly i used the standart FINE abs profile. but i changed the diameter of the filament from 2.(something) to 3mm. because it is 3mm. and the flowrate is at 100%.

You gotta build an enclosure, or create one around your entire printer when printing ABS.

You want ambient temps around entire printer to be around/at least 30-35c - with no drafts.

For now you can use something as simple as a cardboard box big enough to enclose the whole machine. With taller ABS parts you will get warping/splits in layers. Your other option is to use PLA which has significantly less warping.

I think an enclosure is the ultimate fix, but you can also try increasing the extrusion temp and flow rate.

For ABS, I like 240 - 245C, increase the flow to 1 or 1.1. Turn off fan or set the fan to max of 40- 50%. Higher temps, more filament extruded and no cooling should all help binding to the previous layer. Best to experiment with each parameter then combination… Higher temp and no cooling works best for me. With S3D it allows for better control of extrusion temps and cooling…

The things to watch out for:

  • Temps too high causes ooze or spider webs when nozzle is just moving
  • Flow rate too high when nozzle scapes or runs into print.
  • Fan too high if parts delaminate / curl while contracting.

HTH… at least until you decide if you want to build n enclosure.

From my understanding…2.85mm is the same as 3mm filament, industry-wide… As in, the 3D printing industry recognizes 2.85 as 3mm…<—yeah… pretty stupid if you ask me, if it holds true?
So put your filament size back to 2.85mm…

Also, as mentioned, try lowering your flow to 85-90…<— this has helped me tremendously…

Try a print with this attached profile…
IMO… You can also adjust the infill, to keep that from happening…
ABS_Mini_Profile.ini (12.6 KB)


ok thank you all for now.
since i can not build an enclosure i will experiment with the temps and flow rate.
“kcchen_00” said rasing the flow rate by 10% and “DawgBone” said lowering it by 10-15%. so i think wi will have to find my sweet spot.
since cura offers the “plugin” section and i am happy with that software so far, i will stick to that and also experimenting with the fan speed at different hights.

the model in the picture was printed with 15% infill. it took already 8h. i didnt want to use more infill, but i will try that.

A simple cardboard box will work as an enclosure. You don’t need anything fancy. Duct tape and some cardboard is what I used for about 2 months before I got something more snazzy. :mrgreen:

Also - if there’s an option in CURA, select printing infill before perimeters. I’ve found that works better when I do it in Slic3r.

I thought I read somewhere that infill below 30% was difficult to get really fine results from. :question: