LCD Flashing with a beep sound

Hello, I am very new to the digital fabrication world. I have access to two Lulzbot Taz 6 printers, and now one of them has an LCD scrolling issue. The screen flashes through the startup, info, and file choice screens while being accompanied by a repeating beep/chirp sound. After initial startup, you can access your files through the SD card and begin a print, and shortly afterward the flashing occurs. The printer continues to print and acts normally otherwise. If you want to do another print, you have to unplug and wait a few hours otherwise the flashing will begin before you upload your file (about 30 seconds).

I already swapped the LCD screens between printers, any thoughts? Again, totally new, but I will try to answer your questions as best I can. Thanks!

I had similar issues that came down to a barely-compatible SD card. Does the issue repeat with no SD card inserted?

It definitely wouldn’t hurt to flash the latest firmware onto them. Copy down your extruder steps/mm and z-probe offset. Upgrade to the latest Cura LE and go to printers → manage printers → auto-update firmware. Put your extruder steps and z-probe offsets back into the machine and test.

Beyond that, I can only say it’s possibly a bad Rambo board. They’re not exactly cheap, but replacing them is straighforward.

Thank you! Yes, the problem persists when the SD card is pulled out. I’ll try flashing the firmware next. Thanks again.

I flashed the firmware and the problem still persists. Before replacing the Rambo board, are there any more recommendations I could test? Any help is greatly appreciated!

The only things left to try before outright replacing the board, would be to remove it and inspect for loose components, or char marks somewhere on it. If you’re lucky, you find that there’s some bad connections going to the display and resoldering could help, or a swollen capacitor that can be swapped. Replacement boards run about $170 - Ultimachine RAMBo v1.4 Complete Kit | MatterHackers slightly more if your display uses the RAMBo 1.3 board with a single display cable used in the earlier Taz 6 models.

Wrathernaut, thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it!