Random Flashing/Beeping during Print

Quick question for you guys, something I have never encountered before with quite a few hours on a Taz 6. Never even joined the forums before because the thing is just so easy to use I never needed support.

During printing from an SD Card, but also once hooked up to my Macbook as well, the printer will beep and go in one level on the menu and beep and go out to the main menu, about 2-3 iterations per second. It is the same as if I were manually pressing the button repeatedly.

Before I crack her open I just wanted to see if anyone had experienced this before, and if so, what was the culprit.

To me on the surface it seems like a loose wire or bad switch, something internal causing the button to activate (internal short to ground or short to vDC or something). The button moves freely and does not seem in any way loose or broken, and the issue happens completely randomly and only for short bursts when it does happen.



That’s certainly odd. Reach out to the support team for detailed troubleshooting: https://LulzBot.com/Support. That certainly sounds hardware-related, specifically to the rotary encoder/button. Does it only go in and out of the menu? Any scrolling behavior?

Most momentary buttons use a small metal dome to complete the circuit. It’s not common, but occasionally those metal domes will split, and will either fail to complete the circuit or will do so intermittently. If it is the button, and you’re handy, replacing the Graphical LCD controller is feasible (step 5): https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/taz6-control-box-assembly/taz-6/

Reach out to the support team for help and recommendations on how to move forward: https://LulzBot.com/Support.

I too am having the Flashing/Beeping problem. My Taz6 is about a year old. This condition began about 3 months ago. It seems to have increased in occurrence and now starts up within a minute of power-up.

I replaced the Full Graphic Smart LCD Controller in July and it appeared to work for a few weeks, then the problem came back 2 days AFTER the 30-day warranty on the controller. I have been in e-mail communication with support but have not had any success. They have requested tests, pictures and videos but have yet to formulate any plan of action.

I love the Taz6, but this situation is getting worse. At one point I was able to print during the beeping (using OctoPrint) but now I cannot even change the filament without the flashing taking over.