LCD freezes when using compiled Taz 6 firmware

I’m using Simplify3D for Dual Extrusion prints and have set my Extruder offsets in Configuration.h instead of using GCode offsets in S3D.

I followed:

And I’m using the TAZ_6.02_Flexystruder_v2 tag from the GIT repo:

All compiles and uploads fine, I’ve tried completely reinstalling Audrino and also between OS reinstalls. I’ve tried both the ArdrinoAddons provided in the GIT repo and the Ultimachine Rambo board plugin:

What happens is that after the machine homes X/Y and kicks on preheating for nozzle wipe, before the Z axis homes, the LCD display freezes and stays frozen until a power cycle. The machine continues printing.

I’ve also tried the commit with no luck. I’m running the Arduino 1.8.2 IDE.

did you figure this out? I’m trying to do the same…S3D hates printing with both extruders

Figured it out: