RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller?


I recently purchased a full graphic smart controller to use with my Kittaz, however, I am having a wierd problem. When I plug the LCD into the RAMBo adaptor and the board, the LCD illuminates and starts normally, showing the model of printer and the version of firmware it is running. During this time, the LCD emits a constant beep which never stops. When the boot sequence is complete, the LCD shows a screen with the extruder and bed temps as well as the fan speed. These values are all accurate and change when the temperature or fan speed changes. When I depress the knob, the beeping stops and I get a menu screen. From this point, the LCD becomes totally unresponsive and I am unable to do anything else until I restart the printer.

I am running the latest Taz firmware and have tried reflashing it several times. Here is a pic of the LCD screen:

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

An easy way to trouble shoot it would be to try a different unit, to see if the problem still is present. Your troubleshooting options are going to be:

  • Try another GLCD
  • Double check all your connections (while powered down and disconnected from the computer)
  • Flash a different version of the firmware, say an early version of the TAZ 3/4 just to see if the GLCD behaves the same. If it does, then it points to hardware, not software.
  • Compare your GLCD version to the one sold here: as the hardware design may have changed.

Thanks for the reply Orias.

I tried another GLCD (taken from my Rostock) which produces the same result (constant beeping, LCD will stop responding eventually) even after uncommenting the correct line for the GLCD in the marlin firmware. Both GLCDs work fine on my rostock (running repetier firmware).

I have tried flashing a previous version of the Taz 4 firmware. Would flashing a Taz 3 firmware produce different results?

The connections are fine on both, there are no shorts or continuity problems.

The GLCD sold here has the same name “Full Graphic Smart LCD Controller” as mine, but the one you sell has a white PCB, although both are have the reprapdiscount text on them. The board itself does look a little different in terms of the arrangement of the speaker, and the contrast pot location. Any idea if I need to make changes in the firmware based on this?

Thanks again.

You very well may, if the hardware is a different version. We don’t have that version locally, so it makes testing hard.