Leveling and Endstop Too Far: Questions

Well… First post, and I am sure the topics have been thoroughly addressed, so if the answer is a link to the proper post, thank you, I have been searching all night.

I have attached three pictures and numbered the areas that I have questions:

  • First, does the thickness look correct? Hard to tell from the manual if this is flat enough or not
  • Second, the measurements shown by each number for 1,2,3 and 4 are listed below. The problem is when I take the Y -Axis home, it is indented slightly… great, but when go over to the other side, it goes off the edge. Moreover, when I am printing even this calibration pattern, the second extruder rides over the clip and…well… I do not like that… Pictures Number 2 and Number 3 show the problem better. I think I would like to just have the borders to be 12 inches inside to be safe. Thoughts???..
  • Third, with this FlexyDually installed, the Z-Axis needs to be reset perhaps, it raises such that the FlexyStruder large gear WILL hit the frame atop the TAZ.
  • Fourth, this may be normal, but the paper leveling trick works great…oh wait…no it doesn’t. :slight_smile: I get the edges to slide the paper, but the centers… uh…nope, so I get the centers to slide the paper, and now I can get some of my kid’s construction paper under the edges.
  • Fifth, with the FlexyDually (or the regular dually for that matter), is it supposed to have the same resistance for both extruders? I only ask because I cannot seem to get it to be the same, but I have been printing with NinjaFlex out of T1 and PVA out of T0 and the NinjaFlex just will not lay down the first line unless I raise it, (usually on the fly).

  1. 12mm from edge to edge of calibration print
  2. 7mm from edge to edge of calibration print
  3. 18 mm from edge to edge of calibration print
  4. 6mm from edge to edge of calibration print
  5. 11-12mm from edge of plate to extruder
  6. Just shows the fact that the second extruder overlaps the clip

Why are you using the painters tape? If for PLA im not sure if the dually works good for that without fans.

Is the dually going off the edge when controlled by the printer or when you move it manually?

The paper works fine for me, adjust so you can feel it tug but not enough that when you push the paper it bends the sheet.

Yes it is for PLA, which because of my inexperience with ABS, is what I print mostly, (that and NinjaFlex). I am about to try again, (for the 7th time) to print the Lulzbot fan housing for this dual extruder, but for now, I have two micro-fans pointed at the print head to help.

When I control it mostly, I have avoided printing anything to take it to the edge because of the issue.

Yeah, I do that, just seems the glass bends/warps with the middle being the highest. Work in progress I know… Ever learning.

Thank you…

When controlling manually it will let you go past the plate and into the side. I dunno why it would do it when running by itself though. Emailing or calling support might be a good idea.

So before I contact support, anyone know if/how I should change Z axis settings to disallow raising too far? There is a loss in Z height as a result of using the Dually right?