Z axis issue with new TAZ6


Trying to get my new TAZ6 to work. It keeps failing the auto-leveling sequence. After several attempts, it did pass, but then it was dragging the nozzle through the rock2pus print.

I did the Leveling the X-Axis Workflow, and the sides measure the same height. However, when trying to move it to 270 Z, it made a sort of grinding noise and then stopped. The screen says 259.6. Does this mean it is 10.4mm off somehow?

It looks like it goes pretty deep in the autoclean felt pad, but never having actually seen this before, I don’t know what is correct.

Any help would be appreciated.

Check that the bed leveling washers are all down and tightened. Make sure the bed frame is sitting level on the main frame and no wires are pinched in between or anything. If the two z leadscrews are off too far,leveling will not complete. You should have the same distance from the end of the lead screw nut to the closest identical frame point on either side. It is possible it bound and got out of alignment, a call to support may be a good idea.

Your Z axis is NOT 270 MM high. That would be more like the X/Y axis limits. The grinding sounds like your X rods are not level to the frame, as the Z upper switch should have triggered and kept it from making grinding sounds. Or you are catching something between the frame and the X axis carriage.

This happened to me on with my printer out of the box. Auto-level would not complete. I tried several times with no luck. Raise you Z axis as close to the top as you can without crashing the tool extruder into the frame. Then, measure the distance from the Z nut frames to the top of the printer frame as piercet suggested. Make sure the printer is off and manually turn one of the sides so that it matches the other side. Use a caliper if you have one. After I corrected mine, it runs like a champ every time.