loading filament profile

OK, this must be obvious, but I don’t see the answer. I am trying to load the profile for PC-MAX. I follow the directions, download the file, then Open Profile, and then I see the temp settings etc. are changed, but when I switch to quick mode after loading the profile in Expert Mode, I don’t see it in the list? How do I get PC-MAX to show up in the filament list in Quick Mode so that I can just select it?

The profiles are embedded within the program, and cannot be added to quick print with just a load profile. Loading them in manually will be exactly the same as operating in quick print mode, so you can stay in expert settings after loading.

If you would like it in the quick print list, you will just need to download and install our latest version of Cura from here: lulzbot.com/cura

We hope this helps!

So I guess you are saying, that if the filament is not in the list, then you have to load the profile every time you use that filament?

If you do not change filament types, tool head types, or switch back to quick print mode, the previous profile loaded will remain in expert settings.