Print Help

I am still in the process of getting our first print going. So far I have leveled the bed, and switched from PLA to ABS (both filaments are from LulzBot).

I created a solid model, sent it to Slic3r and scaled it to 50% and used Printer Interface to print.
The first layer isn’t printing well and am just looking for advice on things I can do to get it going.

This is the model

and my Slic3r config file

Since I am printing ABS I set the heater to 230C and the bed to 85C. Prior to printing I sprayed some hairspray on the bed at 60C and let it dry as I read that it helps with getting the first layer to adhere properly. This was the first time I did this (as I previously only printed PLA).

Here is a screenshot of Printer Interface

Here are some pictures of the print:


Any suggestions on what I can do to get a good print.


Looks like the hobbed bolt in the extruder may be dirty, so clean that out with a wire brush and/or pick.

Also, we suggest ABS/acetone mix over hair spray. The latter can cause parts to shrink.

I’ve had similar problems lately. See

By the way you do realize that large cutout at the rear creates an overhang that will be impossible to print without support? 3D printers can print into thin air (called bridging) but within reason.

Yep, found that out and switched to Lulzjuice! Very effective!

Temp could be wrong and maybe one more turn on the screws controlling tension on the filament on the hot end.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

jebba: You were right. The hobbled screw had residual filament in there.I got it cleaned out and printed a 3d cube. w00t w00t.

Gemini64: Yea that cutout won’t be able to print. I think I will print the 5 pieces separately and glue them together.

You could enable support and print it.

You could use PEMs too (the nut inserts) like are used in the TAZ electronics case too.