Taz 6 Hotend replacement

Good afternoon all… I’m having a bugger of a time trying to find a sutable repalcement hotend for a Taz 6. We had a nozzle break off inside and subsequently destroyed the block trying to get it out.

If there is a suitable replacement hotend, or hell, just the block, that can be had today, I love to get it. My searches are coming up short.

(Deleted Moarstruder Photo for clairity)

Found these on https://e3d-online.com/

Unless someone knows of an alternative… I may give these a shot.

perfect thanks!.. will their heatbreak also work??

i seem to have drilled into mine while trying to he-man it out.

Perhaps you can confirm which tool head you have, and what nozzle size? Specifically, is it the MoarStruder, or the original hexagon hot-end based toolhead? Or perhaps is it the Aerostruder?

Completely stock

Tool Head: TAZ Single Extruder Tool Head v2.1, 0.50mm nozzle

Sooo… Ended up breaking the heatbreak off in the heatsink so now I need an entire assembly.

Would this work? Or is there a better alternative?

Probably beyond what you’re looking to spend, but I just bought a V2.1 that had been converted E3D V6 by waterproofpaper, I’m liking it a lot better.