looking for some help, taz5 dual extruder v2, cura 2.6

hey so my major issue right now is when i start a print over USB with cura 2.6

when it gets to the G109 heat extruder in the start Gcode it will always change the extruder target temperature to 0 degrees
even though i have the printing temperature and default printing temperature set to 230 in the settings

also when i press abort print, my printer makes a mad dash for the end of the x axis and tries to break itself, and the only way for me to stop a print is to turn on and off the printer

im on an all stock lulzbot config running lulzbot software so not sure why im having huge issues with these simple things

heres a third issue encountered when trying to save gcode to an sdcard


Hey, I can try to help. Have you used a Taz 5 before? A single extruder?

  1. Did you try setting the temperature in Cura with T0 and T1? Then I set my bed temperature at the end. Then push print and let it do its thing
  2. Well, the printer is supposed to make a dash the bottom left corner of the bed for its setting before it starts printing
  3. I would just go with printing with CURA, I never had any good luck with the gcode and sd card

Hope that helps! :smiley: