Looking for the TAZ 6 firmware update for the MOAR pring head

I have an unused MOAR printhead assembly and a TAZ 6.

Currently, I am running the original .5mm print head. I want to put the MOAR head into service on my TAZ 6 running Cura 3.6.20.

Is there a firmware update that is neccessary for operating with the MOAR head?

If so, where can I find it?

CuraLE 3.6.23 has firmware (and profiles) for the TAZ 6 with the MOARstruder. I’m guessing that 3.6.20 does as well. You can check C:\Program Files (x86)\cura-lulzbot 3.6\resources\firmware. The file names should be self explanatory. You could also find a copy of the .hex (firmware) and .config files at Index of /software/Marlin.

  1. Add a new TAZ 6 printer and select the MOARstruder.
  2. Install the MOARstruder tool head.
  3. Connect to the printer with CuraLE 3.6.20 and I believe it will suggest a firmware upgrade.

My TAZ 6 is connected to a Raspberry Pi running OctoPi / OctoPrint. I use an OctoPrint plugin to update the firmware when I switch heads but I have to manually pick the correct firmware.

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What benefits do you see from the OctoPi / OctoPrint update? Is it worth it?

I’m not sure I understand the question. OctoPi is an OS for RPi based on Raspbian (Raspberry Pi OS) that bundles OctoPrint and a few related applications.

OctoPrint connects to a 3D printer over a serial (over USB) connection. It controls and monitors your 3D printer via a web interface. OctoPrint is extensible with plugins and has a very active community including Discord.

One plugin I use is a firmware updater. Normally this function is performed (for Lulzbot printers) by CuraLE but since my printer is attached to the RPi and not to my desktop where I run Cura, it is more convenient for me to upgrade the firmware through the RPi (the printer and my desktop are located in different rooms).

OctoPrint is worth it to me because many print jobs are multiple hours in duration. While the RPi is happily tending to the printer, I’m free to use my desktop without worrying about if it will interfere with the printer. The first time you have an overnight print interrupted by a Windows update you will understand.