Taz 6 (Twoolhead) firmware binary via OctoPrint Firmware Updater

Hello, I’m experimenting uploading/updating my Taz 6 firmware via OctoPrint Firmware Updater plugin because I primary print via OctoPrint and the USB port on my Taz 6 isn’t easily accessible due to it being in an enclosure. Having to upload firmware via Cura/laptop is pretty troublesome when I’m constantly switching between single and dual nozzle print heads (and considering adding a Twoolhead as well).

I found the firmware binary here, but they are not as updated compare to Cura ( vs nor is Twool head firmware there either.

Is there anyway I could extract the each config of firmware binary from Cura 3.2.23? Also, I tried uploading Twool head firmware from Cura and was presented with firmware missing error.


Try here maybe:


As for the Twoolhead that is a BAM creation here:


Thanks for the reply. nice to know where the newer .hex files are. :smiley:

I’ve been running ino tons of issue trying to get coloradoprintingproject’s Taz 6 firmware to compile with Arudino 1.8.5, and as far as I can tell it is also based on a pretty old version of the firmware. So I took Marlin_TAZ6_DualExtruderV2_1.1.9.13_031f96981.config and tried to merge it Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h hoping to piece together a working, more updated firmware for my own version of the Twoolhead, but also ran into a bit of compiling issues.

I am getting “‘K2’ was not declared in this scope” error on this line:

dTerm_bed = K2 * bedKd * (current_temperature_bed - temp_dState_bed) + K1 * dTerm_bed;

compile error.txt (68.9 KB)
But K2 value doesn’t seem to be referenced anywhere.

I built my “Twoolhead” by taking apart my DualExtruderV2, and all the hardware/wiring are working perfectly when I tested it with TAZ6_DualExtruderV2 firmware.

I’ve also attached my Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h files in this post if anyone could kindly assist me with this. Also, How/where do I modify from this current state of DualExtruderV2 firmware to make both extrude motors mirror each others movement for dual printing?

Configuration.h (62.1 KB)
Configuration_adv.h (58.7 KB)