Lulzbot 6 “home z” going to incorrect location

Using SE .5mm, when trying use the home z function it goes to press the button and moves to cords (-19, 258) and presses down, problem is that the actual cords of the button are (-18, 268) as shown in the image.

So instead of homing the z it is burning a hole in the plastic 10mm away from the button. This problem occurs anytime the “home z” function is activated, from using the drop down menu on the machine, to sending “G28 Z” in the start g-code from cura, to actually just trying to print. how can I edit where it thinks the z button is.

What firmware version are you on? (most current) for the TAZ 6 has the SE homing Z at (-22, 260) the machines in in house have this pressing down on the button in the center with the nozzle. If updating to the newest firmware does not fix this, I would recommend moving the bed physically to have it probe in the center to make sure the wipe sequence and bed leveling move to where they need to be.