Taz SE Z homing

So I have a Lulzbot Taz SE and it keeps missing the button whenever it’s trying to home the z axis but only when trying to start a print. When it’s moving back after hitting the button to home it, the y axis it looks like it’s not going back far enough. So when the extruder comes down to hit the button on the build plate to home the z axis it doesn’t hit the button but it hits the metal casting/ring around the button and it tries to push it but it can’t so it keeps going until it can’t amd it gets stuck like in the video. Although the weird part is it only does it when trying to start a print, if I go into the menu and go to motion and I select auto home or if I select home Z, it does it just fine with no issues.

Taz SE? That’s not a model of lulzbot. Is it a Taz 6 with the SE toolhead? There’s some confusion with toolheads. There’s the Single Extruder:

That came as the standard toolhead on the Taz 6.

There’s also the SE 0.5mm toolhead:

Which could be purchased and was based on the e3d Titan Aero.

If you are running older firmware for the Single Extruder with an SE toolhead, the offset for the nozzle will be different. If you are running the universal firmware and have the wrong toolhead selected, the offset for the nozzle will be off.

If home works from the menu, it’s doing a standard command to home. If your prints aren’t working, there’s a good chance there’s an offset in your GCODE. Look for a line with M206 in your startup.

If you’re using GCODE sliced for an older version of firmware, with older software and are trying to run that, it’s also going to have some issues. Make sure you’re running the latest Cura LE (3.6.38) and the latest firmware by connecting via USB and updating in machine settings to the latest 2.x universal firmware. Then re-slice and see if the problem still exists.

Your video did not work, post it to youtube and share a link.

I wanted to clairify so people can help you when you said “taz se” do you mean the toolhead or the taz pro S with the 1.75 mm diameter filament