Lulzbot Cura crashes when trying to create material profile after changing nozzle size to 0.4mm

I just changed my nozzle size on my Lulzbot Mini 1 (I know it’s not recommended) to a 0.4 mm nozzle. When I change that in the printer settings in Lulzbot Cura, it says that my materials list is empty, and upon trying to create a new material, the software crashes. Any suggestions on how to fix this? (I haven’t used this printer very much so I don’t know a lot about settings or anything like that)

I am unable to reproduce the error.

When creating a new printer I select Mini with SE tool head, wait for it to load the pop up with all of the settings, go into the hot end tab, change it from 0.5 to 0.4, hit finish. I am then able to see all of the materials and profiles for those materials.

Can you provide the cura version number you are on and your process for changing the nozzle size?