Lulzbot Cura Random Lines

I was trying to print an xbox controller mount that looked like this

However, upon printing, it printed a bunch of random lines. I went back to the lulzbot cura slicer, and upon looking at the layers, i found this mess

That’s exactly what it printed. All the extra red lines between the shapes.

Why is this happening and how can I get rid of it? Otherwise, I have to print each of them individually and that’s a pain.

I’m sure someone is going to ask but what version of CuraLE? Have you tried splitting this into two print jobs?

I’d also suggest that you post the .stl files.

Looking at the image, I think some of those parts will need supports so it might make more sense to print them one at a time and optimize the settings for each part.

I agree with b-morgan about posting the stl files, usually when I see Cura try to connect parts like that it is because of a slicing error due to either the way things are being oriented on the build plate or errors in the base model, or sometimes a little bit of both.