Lulzbot Fidget toys

Just found these on the devel site.

Seems as though Lulzbot is getting into the Fidget game

Great handouts for shows :wink:

and if you sharpen the corners, lethal ninja throwing stars!

Looks a little bit like a mediator. Have someone tried printing this one? Looks cool as a model.

I printed the lulzbot fidget but it won’t turn because it’s fused together at the bottom.

Did I do something wrong in the printing to cause this?

Am I supposed to defuse it somehow.

I got a phone call and couldn’t get off the phone while it was sitting on the bed for a long time.

I used a razor on the bottom surface to free the two pieces a bit. I then heated it in hot water and applied pressure (in/out/circular) and it came loose. I have since printed 5-6 of them with no issue.