Lulzbot launches the new Meteor 285!

Lulzbot recently created a new toolhead that looks similar to the M175 but works with 2.85mm filament!
Starting with Retractions. This new toolhead has 2 huge hobbed gears for gripping filament (also known as a dual drive system), so say goodbye to filament stripping. It has a heatblock that does not require a wrench to hold it during nozzle swaps! The Bondtech LGX ACE Heatsink & Extruder Is the technology behind this work of art! Now what are you waiting for?
Here is the link to get yourself one! LulzBot Meteor 285 Tool Head | Nickel Plated Brass | 0.5 mm | LulzBot

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There’s also a Meteor 1.75 coming (according to Marlin source) and an Asteroid 2.85.

Meteor 1.75 is easy to figure out, and there’s already the (awesome) M175v2. That leaves a gap for a “M285v2” that I would assume is the Asteroid. LGX 2.85 + Mosquito more suited for PLA, ASA and such. It would definitely be a huge improvement over the aerostruder toolheads.

Interestingly, the Asteroid and Meteor aren’t included in the Universal toolhead firmware, but does use the universal mount. I’m guessing it was just so they wouldn’t have the meteor and asteroid taking up space in the toolhead menu until they’re actually available.


I’m really pleased to see this, given it is a Bondtech LGX and the Slice Mosquito. Changing nozzles on the Mosquito is a breeze and makes for a very versatile hot end. This should, ideally, be the stock hot end for machines like the Taz Pro XT and other Pro machines.

The E3D Titan Aero is quite dated at this point. Hot ends age out quickly given the pace to technology changes! (Coming from the IT world, Moore’s Law comes to mind.)

2.85mm is still easy to get but I like that a 1.75mm will appear soon.

Good job, Lulzbot!

I disagree. I still have a printer running the same e3d v6 for like 6 or 7 years now. Even the newish revo has the same flow rate. Only improvement is an easier nozzle swap, but costs like 10x the price of a v6 nozzle and doesn’t print any better or faster than the v6. Most other hotends, like the rapido and dragon just increase the heater or nozzle size to achieve higher flow rates. I’ve seen very little innovation in hotends over the past few years except maybe the CHT nozzle. Different looks but most of them are basically still the same exact thing. It’s just hot glue gun. Not really many ways to innovate there.

The revo is more than just fast swapping.

There’s the ceramic heater that wraps around the hot zone, making it heat up faster and more evenly.

Also the one piece heatbreak and nozzle means there’s no real chance for a gap to form and have a jam.

It makes swapping nozzles something a beginner can do.

The nozzle threaded into the heater block and using the thin, fragile heatbreak threaded into it also is a bad design that only existed due to nothing made for the purpose.

I’ve never had a jam on a v6 either. Plus my v6 with a $3 CHT clone nozzle from ali express can print quite a bit faster than the revo at a fraction the price. Don’t get me wrong, I like the revo, but it’s hardly an innovation imo.

I’ll agree that the v6 hotend is great, many of my machines (4x CR-10S, 2x Eryone Thinkers) run them in combination with a Bondtech extruder.

I have had Aeros on a few machines and anytime those jammed up, putting the Aero back together was a very unpleasant experience. I also had a batch that had the bad bearings.

I’m waiting for my Revo to impress me. I discovered via a nozzle crash that there is a length differences between the 0.4 and the 0.8 Revo nozzles. So, the advertising that implies you just swap the nozzle out and off you go is not correct. Please verify your Z offset. Learn from my “What the heck was THAT noise?” experience.

I looked at the Lulzbot website today and cannot find the meteor toolhead. Did Lulzbot remove it? Why?

I asked about this last week and they said they were doing site maintenance.

It’s back on the store.
I wanted to ask if anyone knows if it uses m6 thread and if it is compatible with E3D nozzles?

It’s a Slice Mosquito hot end and per Slice “ * Compatible with RepRap style nozzles (M6 x 1.0 threads with a 7 mm thread length)”