Won't print

During setup, I changed to a dual extruder head before doing first print etc… I changed back to the original extruder head thinking I was supposed to go through the initial first print process. Well now I set extruder temp. to 230 and bed temp to 85, I test extrusion which works fine, setting is on first print. I prep the bed, load my rocktopus file, when temps reach target I print. It moves for a second then temp. settings drop and both extruder and bed start to cool and nothing happens. I have correct firmware installed and have even set back to original factory settings (which idk even if makes a difference). Who can help? Is this something that my lack of Lulzbot knowledge can fix? I’m a middle school teacher who only has experience with Afinia printers.

Your LulzBot comes with a full one year warranty and support. If you are having issues please feel free to reach out to our 7 day a week support team at support@lulzbot.com or 1-970-377-1111.