Prints start off the bed

The Lulzbot does the proper set up;
Goes to home position
Cleans nozzle
Calibrates the 4 points without no issues

Then when the printing begins it sometimes starts the print off the bed. Right over the nozzle cleaning pad to be exact.


Could we get a bit more information to help narrow down what might be happening? What type of printer are you using? Are you printing through the USB or an SD card? If your printing through an SD card have you made sure that the GCode is sliced for the version of software/firmware you are currently using? Have you seen this occur across a variety of models? Once we know a bit more we should be able to help you narrow down what is happening. My first thoughts will be something software related.

Using a Lulzbot Mini
Printing via USB and the CURA software.

Windows 7 proff. Latest drivers installed.