Lulzbot Mini 1, how to adjust z-offset?

How do I set the z-offset?

Using Octoprint or Pronterface, won’t connect to Cura LE which I’ll make a separate thread about.

I believe you can set it with M851 Z-1.2 (change the Z value to what you need). Save it with M500 and check it with M503 or M851. You can read up on these commands at

OctoPrint and Pronterface both allow you to input commands and see responses.

The Z-offset can also be set from the LCD if you have one.

I don’t have an LCD, thought about getting one, do I just need to buy one from the store? Only thing is it would cost more than I paid for the printer (I think the LCD was 80 when I looked last).

I think the z-axis is correct now, I’m realizing what got me initially was a dirty nozzle that messed up the bed levelling process. Have to keep the nozzle clean (but not with a metal wire brush!) and it stays working pretty reliably.

That wiping pad in the back is not the best of solutions.

Either way, thank you for the kind direction!