Z offset adjustment while printing?

Is there a way to adjust the Z offset while I’m printing, either while printing a part or during some configuration routine? My Prusa printers have a configuration routine where it prints a line and you can adjust the offset while it’s printing. Right now on my Lulzbot Mini 2 all I see is a screen where I can guess and check, and the checking involves that super time consuming nozzle heat/wipe/wait/probe/heat process. Surely there’s a faster process that I’m missing.

On my Pro the setting is Nudge Nozzle. I can select to show ZZ-Offset here as well and make minor or major adjustments.
While Printing - Select Menu->Nudge Nozzle.

From the Mini’s Manual
Your LulzBot Mini 2 3D printer has the ability to change the first layer height (Z-offset) directly
through the GLCD, even while printing the first layer. Using the GLCD, navigate to Configuration

Advanced Settings > Z-Offset. While in this screen you can rotate the GLCD knob
counter-clockwise to bring your nozzle closer to the print surface, and rotate it clockwise to
bring it farther away from the bed. Push in the GLCD knob to save your settings

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Thanks! I found it. I’m not sure what’s going on, but most of the time pushing the button on my Mini doesn’t do anything while I’m printing, so there’s no way to stop a print or enter into the tuning menu. I’ve realized that when it does that it’s not measuring progress on the progress bar either, but I just noticed that. Thanks again!

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If you’re using the latest firmware, just hold the button in for about half a second while printing, it’ll bring you to the live Z-offset adjust option. Any changes here are saved to the EEPROM when you exit by pressing the button again. Keep this in mind, because if you’re adjusting to compensate for something on the nozzle that interfered with the auto bed leveling, when you have a clean (or differently dirty) nozzle, the offset won’t be right.

Generally, if you need to make adjustments to the z offset on a print, you’re best to just stop the print, clean the nozzle properly, and re-start the print. If you’re adjusting the z offset to compensate, you cannot compensate for the varied readings at each corner that come from a dirty nozzle, which usually reads worse on the first corner, and each corner is progressively closer to a proper reading as that plastic gets mushed out of the way a little better with each touch against the metal corners.

If you’re printing from USB, it won’t show progress (it has no idea how big the print is).

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