LulzBot Mini 2 Layer Shifting

I have been having a ton of trouble with my LulzBot Mini 2 layer shifting. I have thrown out around 2KG of failures at this point.

LulzBot support told me to lower my M914 fr0m 4 per axis to 2 per axis.

So I changed the homing sensitivity with M914 I tired M914 X2 Y2 and M914 X0 Y0 and no improvement. I then tried M914 X-2 Y-2 and it actually wouldn’t home without triggering early which made me realize that I was going in the wrong direction. Lowering the number increases the sensitivity and if I am having false positives it would make more sense to decrease sensitivity (Read more here: I tried M914 X6 Y6 and it makes a terrible grinding noise when it homes since the sensitivity is lower and I still get layer shifts so I am pretty much at the end of the line with M914. At M914 X8 Y8 it crashes so hard that it fails homing and resets the printer.

Anyone else have any ideas of what else to do? At this point a simple endstop switch would have been preferable…

I’ve had two projects that had Y axis shifting.
I was wondering if the Y limit switches have anything to do with the shifts. Are these switches magnetic instead of mechanical? I looked under the bed and saw 2 pairs of wires going to 2 blocks of plastic.

The Mini 2 uses two NinjaFlex bumpers instead of mechanical endstops, and uses the sensorless homing feature in the firmware to detect the end of movement along that axis. The wires that are present under the bumpers enable you to use mechanical endstops if desired, with some firmware modifications. If you’re having axis shifts along the X- or Y-axis, reach out to the support team at for detailed help instead. Send pictures of your prints, and information on your Cura LE version and material profile used. They’ll be able to help you eliminate that and get you back to where you want to be.