Lulzbot Mini Extruder Idler Thumbscrew replacement

Anyone know where I can source a thumbscrew (or the whole assembly) for the top of the extruder that holds the idler to the filament drive gear? I bought a mini but it’s missing one of the thumbscrews, M4 washer, spring, washer, and of course the thumbscrew.

Checking the OHAI stuff it doesn’t have part numbers for the thumbscrews (but does show the springs are Spring, 6mm OD, 9.7mm FL/HD-MS0027)

Found the parts info here

M4 x 55 Bolt (HD-BT0052) - Fastenal #ZT2530055PF0000
Thumb Screw Knob for M4 (HD-MS0031) - Fastenal #11102951
M4 Washer (HD-WA0039) - Fastenal #40353
Spring, Extruder, 6mm OD, 0.8mm WD, 9.7mm FL (HD-MS0027) - Associated Spring #C02400320380M

McMaster part numbers since Fastenal my not have the knobs anymore: 91175A062 & 91290A187

Screw with knob is available from IT-Works 3D also

Found springs for sale at this link but a google search will turn up more places that were out of stock.

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Neat, I guess I didn’t dig deep enough, thanks!