Looking for a solid "must print" set of replacement parts recommendation

I want to print some spare parts to have on-hand in case of failures.

I imagine the two herringbone gears are auto-includes on the list of must-print parts. Beyond those, what are typical failure modes for the mini that I should worry about or that people have run into?


Just bought a Mini last week, this is something I was wondering about too. Hoping someone more knowledgeable can jump in here. :slight_smile:

Idler Arm, Small extruder gear, eventually the Large extruder gear. A spare extruder body isn’t a bad idea either, but those are the most common failure points in order of likelihood of failure.

Thanks - I’ll add those to the queue!

What would be best to print these in? It looks like they used the same HIPS that they included a sample of, but I’m not sure if it’s that or ABS.

Unless they have changed, most mini parts were printed in ABS at 85%-ish infil