Lulzbot Mini Heatsink

Does anyone know where I can buy a heat sink for the Lulzbot Mini?

There are multiple models of Mini and more than one heatsink in each so I think you need to be a little more specific.

It is the LulzBot Mini 1 and the heatsink for the hot end.

Progress of sorts. Mini 1.03 or Mini 1.04? I believe the hot end is the same but I’m not sure.

Open Hardware Assembly Instructions:

I think this is the part you want (but its out of stock):

More details for that part:

A possible source:

Another possible source:

Hexagon Hot End Kit, LulzBot Edition, 3.0mm filament, 0.5mm nozzle | LulzBot 3D Printers This is the right one but is there one that just sells the heatsink seperately?

The other parts you links appear to be different, longer heat sinks. Would that be an issue?

I don’t own a Mini (of any flavor). I have a TAZ 6. Parts for the original tool head’s Hexagon hot end have been getting harder to find. I don’t know which of LulzBot’s newer tool heads is compatible with your printer but for the most part, they are using E3D hot ends and parts for those are easily obtained.

I’d try contacting LulzBot support and get their recommendation.