LulzBot mini LCD Controller upgrade not working

I installed the LCD controller upgrade on our LulzBot mini and I’m not having any luck getting it to work. All I’m getting is flashing on the screen and a clicking noise. I attached a short video of what it’s doing.

The model # on the LulzBot is KT-PR0035NA-11044
I tried updating firmware through Cura LE version 2.6.52. When that didn’t seem to work I installed Cura LE version 3.6.20 and updated firmware again. It says the firmware on the LulzBot is

Any help is appreciated! (11 MB)

Looks like you got a bad LCD screen.

I would see if you can send it in for a repair or a replacement. The operations are winding down, so you may want to do that soon.

That’s what I was afraid of especially with what’s going on with the company.

Edit: Update - there’s exactly one person (a very nice, friendly lady) currently working in their tech support department. I had the LCD connections flipped backwards on the rambo control board. Switched those around and the LCD came to life. Ran into other issues though - the control knob doesn’t actually do anything and inserting an SD card freezes the whole LCD, so support is going to be sending out a replacement LCD.

glad she could help you!

Don’t suppose there is anything else I could try at this point? Support never did get around to sending out a replacement LCD. Do I just keep waiting and waiting to maybe hear back from them? It’s been nearly 2 months now. I never get a reply from emailing support or leaving voicemails.

I also had problems with my new GLCD. Lulzbot told me they would send a replacement, but never did…and now total silence. No replies to emails and no one picks up the phone. I guess the building is empty.

Support finally got back to me last week and sent out a new LCD but I haven’t had time to re-install it yet. Hang in there! Eventually they’ll get to you in their backlog.

By the way - the new GLCD made no difference. I’m getting the exact same thing as with the old one:

LCD powers on and says LulzBot mini ready, but the control knob does basically nothing. I can click it in to see the menu but can’t scroll through the menu by turning the control knob. And when I insert the included SD Card the LCD goes crazy - reboots itself, goes blank, control knob does nothing at all then.

So now I’m stuck waiting for support to reply back again with what we can do about this. For now we’ve given up on the LCD controller and are running the LulzBot with Octoprint from a Raspberry Pi. Seems to be working well! Cura can even directly start printing to Octoprint.


i recently updated my old mini with an Aerostruder and the LCD.

Maybe you have turned the P2 in the wrong direction on the Board