Minor Print Gliches in TAZ6

I am currently a Mini owner and love it but I am starting to find I want to print objects larger that a 6in cube so looking at getting the Taz 6 since it looks to be the Daddy to the Mini with all the bed leveling features and head cleaning but with a dual extruder option. Did some looking online for reviews of it but only found people who reviewed the pre release models and they ran into some minor printing issues that said could be fixed by the time it was released.

That was in May but now I can’t find anyone who has gone back and reviewed it since then so I just wanted to know did Lulzbot get all the kinks worked out that were issues in the builds that the reviewers were using? If you need examples of what those issues were I will go back and see what they were, I am just lazy and wanted to avoid having to go back through all the reviews I looked at.

I do know the belt that ran the bed was one issue and the extruder felt loose and the z-axis had some issues.

I’m working with a TAZ 6 and the build quality seems to be great. Of course we’ve struggled a bit with dialing in extrusion and finding all the right settings to use, but the machine itself seems to be built very well. If you want to reference any specific issues, then I can double check that we don’t have those problems.

Thanks Axlindgren, I already bit the bullet and put in an order for one. I had so much good luck with the mini that I figured I would give it a shot. Glad to hear you are enjoying yours though!

Hi @shawnbot, I was in the exact same boat as you a few months ago. I got the TAZ 6 for the same reason along with being able to print without the PC. The 6 is a slightly different animal, to a degree, and both printers have their strengths. I still use the Mini just as much as I did before. You’ll probably do the same. I actually want more printers but have not been able to convince the wife of the ‘need’ yet.

Hey DougZ, I was planning on selling the Mini in the next couple weeks figuring the Taz 6 would do everything the mini did and more. What situations do you find yourself in that made you gravitate back to the Mini after getting the Taz 6?

lol I am also in that same boat :wink:

Hi @shawnbot. I originally got the Mini as my first printer because of the great reviews as well as the price (wasn’t low end, wasn’t high end, I figured). I also seem to have this never ending need to purchase filament which I was calculating into my ‘startup cost’. Anyway, I was hooked instantly and soon found my self wanting to print things that exceeded the build volume of the Mini in one axis or another. And, I found myself impatiently wanting to be able to print more than one thing at a time. Oddly, I actually held of on printing some larger items because I didn’t want to tie up the printer for so long (still scratching my head on that one).

So, my reason for the 6 was to add rather than replace. For small, quick prints I still use the Mini. My wife was OK with it too, I think because she sees how much enjoyment I get from it all!

@DougZ, I am starting to see why you would keep the Mini around. I just got to play with the Taz 6 for the first time last night and did a test print of the Roctopus and boy did it take some time to print. So then I tried printing a new camera mount for the Taz and I started it around 9pm and woke up at 4:30am (I get up super early) and it was at 50% done. Print like that would normally take 3 hours on the Mini.

Maybe I got spoiled by the mini and printers of that size just move slower but if that is the case I may need to try and find a spot for it in our home as well and hope I don’t catch too much hell from the wife haha.

@DougZ, okay I didn’t mention this before and I will be contacting ITworks3D.com since I bought this unit through them but did you have any issues getting prints to adhere to the bed? I noticed when I printed the Roctopus and noticed two of the legs looked like the came off the bed durring the print because they were warped up a little.

I thought nothing of it but then ran the print for the camera mount and that next morning I found it was at 50% but it was also just a huge ball of PLA wrapped around the hot end. I managed to pull/clean it all off with time and patience and thought how did this happen since I was using the Lulzbot PLA that came with the unit and I set up the print using the latest version of Cura from Lulzbot with the proper filament settings that were built in for their filament. But then I looked at part of the model and noticed one side had a very small separate wall that didn’t look to have much surface area on the bed to adhere to so I chocked it up to that and fixed to model to have more surface area on that wall and tried again.

To my surprise it started to peel on the second layer and I stopped it and wiped down the bed with rubbing alcohol and tried again same result. Then I tried Hatchbox black PLA, the stuff you can get on Amazon that everyone seems to like and I have had great luck with it in the Mini. I ran it with the same luck then I thought maybe it is just taking so long to get to the second layer it cools off before then and peals so I set it to fast in Cura and same bad luck and the speed didn’t seem to actually move any faster.

I can try a glue stick but I didn’t expect to need it on PLA on a heated bed. Have you noticed this as well on your unit and also is yours extremely slow like almost 5x slower than the Mini?

@shawnbot, yes, the 6 feel slower, but at the same time I also feel like it feels slower because it has twice the distance to travel (ie during the probing sequence). but for prints, not it doesn’t seem 5X slower. I was reading your earlier post as I was getting off an airplane earlier today otherwise I would have put together a quick print off between the two. I will be back home Thursday night and can print the same thing on both printers. I’ll load something up in Cura, maybe the 3DHubs Marvin keychain, set it on Quickprint - Standard - PLA. Save the gcode to an SD card for the 6 then switch it to the Mini and print it directly via USB and see how long each one takes.

Regarding bed adhesion, what is your current z offset? The Lulzbot green filament sample that came with your 6 should have been colorFabb nGen, not PLA. If you used PLA settings for the initial Rocktopus that may explain the issues there as the nGen should be 230 and the bed at 85. However you said you tried actual Hatchbox PLA and still experienced the same issues.

The reason I suggest you check the z-offset in the firmware (you can check it via the TAZ 6 control panel, as well as the Cura control windows with the M501 command) is that my z-offset from the factory was way off. I was actually a little disappointed after the first TAZ6 Rocktopus experience. I could barely get it off the bed, I had to scrape at the skirt to get it off in tiny bits it was really smooshed smooshed down. There was even an outline of the rocktopus lightly carved into the surface of the PEI bed. I used some 2000 grit sandpaper to get rid of it.

My z-offset was -1.350 from the factory. I added .2 to make it -1.150 (go closer to zero to move the nozzle away from the bed). That was too much and I’ve settled at -.1250. .1mm doesn’t sound like a lot but it seems to have made a huge difference for me. I habbitually measure the skirts and they’re typically right on the money with my slicer settings.

SO I’d check your z-offset to start and adjust as necessary.

@Dougz, sorry for the late response wanted to do the thorough testing before posting what I found.

Okay so I think you are right on it being set to nGen since the one only thing I remember from the prints was the bed heat was set to somewhere around 80 or 85 Celsius and at the time I didn’t think about it being high for PLA. After posting I went back and set up a new print and made absolutely sure I had the right filament settings and voila it worked and the prints stuck to the bed like glue with no warping, so 100% user error.

The free PLA was actually PLA, I just forgot I put it in the cart when I put in the order so I could test the first few prints in Lulzbot official filament to test it under the best conditions possible and verify things were working properly. When I saw it in the box I just assumed it came free but once again it was user error.

As for speed not sure if I am just getting use to it or it is just the fact the head has to travel further since the bed is so large compared to the mini but the speed issues don’t seem to be a huge deal to me now and it seems to move a little faster after the second round of prints under the PLA setting. Have not had a chance to time out a identical print on the two printers as the mini is at work to show the guys but I will have to time the two and see if there is any difference.

I started trying to print an assembled wrench to help calibrate it and used your tip on the Z offset to get a better first layer adhesion as I set the first layer to .2 mm to avoid getting a gap in the first layer compared to the .14 mm layers above it and helped in getting it to stick as that print is hard, at least it is for me. Spent all of Saturday trying to get it just right.

Thanks for all your tips, now that I have the thing working pretty well I have decided to avoid making the wife angry and save that anger for a different battle lol. I feel confident enough at this point that I can get by with just the TAZ but wish I could keep the mini as it is an amazing little machine.

@shawnbot, glad to hear it is working out for you. I hear you on picking your battles. You should have been there when I sent my wife a link to the Raise 3D N2+… I had to run for cover. Glad to have helped in some small way. Enjoy…