Lulzbot Taz 5 Print Issue

I just got my 2nd hand lulzbot taz 5 setup. I have leveled the bed and checked for proper flow out of the hotend. It is using a 0.35mm hotend. My issue is the print will work well for the initial outline however when it starts to fill in gets globby then eventually stops printing all together. I am using Core on the default settings for print feed at “normal” speed.

The material is PLA I have tried temps between 180 and 230 and bed temps between 40 and 60 in several configurations, all yield the same result. Any thoughts? Is the material too old or am I missing something obvious?

The small squirrel cage fan is prone to failure, check that it is constantly running and moving air at the extrude barrel. If it isnt, replace it.

Thanks for the input. The fan appears to be running fine. I ended up buying brand new PLA and the issue seems to have resolved itself. Is there a best practice for storing open filament? How long does it typically last?

Pla is a sugar based plastic that is very sensitive to moisture. You want to store it long term in a sealed plastic container with a dessecant pack. Vacuum sealing also works well. Dessecant packs can be bought online or in craft stores. They also come with beef jerky.

Edit: it can last forever if you store it right.