Lulzbot Taz 6 end


You can say that i am VERY new to 3d printing, but i covered the slicing and modeling part already. Long story short, my lulzbot taz 6 arrived a week ago, and started printing just today. I followed all the guidelines and user manual clearly and print out the rockoctopuss nicely.

Now, as I am REALLY new in this, there is no mention of the finale part about the extruder when the print is done anywhere in the manuals. Should it move back up? Well, why is it not? The extruder stay way behind and lowered near the print bed. How should i power down the printer? Just press the OFF button to O? Should I pull out the filament? What is the step after I removed the print? I believe these are the questions a lot of newbies will ask, and I can’t find it anywhere on the forum too. I’m lost after removing the print, all I did is switch off the printer. Why do I have a feeling that I’m killing it slowly, and it’s not the right post-print step?

Please advise…

The End Gcode in the printer profile will tell the print head to go to some position when the print is done. The important thing is that it is off the print so the hotend is not in contact with the part. Usually the bed is set to move forward as well to enable removal of the part. The location it goes to is user configurable. The coordinates can be absolute or relative, and are in units which in this case 1 unit = 1mm. If you tell it to go to x10, y200, z 50, the nozzle would move 10mm to the right, 200mm back and 50mm up from the front left bed corner.

You just power the printer down by turning the power button off. You do not need to remove the fillament. After you remove the print, you clean up any leftover plastic from brim layers, make sure the bed is clean, then play with your new part.

Thanks piercet, wonderful piece of advise. I noticed that the gcode function only shows in the “full settings” in Cura, I assumed that the gcode will also be utilized in the “quickprint” mode where it doesnt show the gcode function?

I also noticed that when i clicked print the box to adjust the temp and nozzle will appear, in that box there is a MOTOR OFF function, what does it do?

Sorry for so many questions, it’s hard to search for this term because whenever i tried the forum gave me this:

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I’m not sure of either of those actually. I don’t use cura personally, and I’ve never noticed that motor off function. It may be new to the taz 6. Hopefully someone else knows.

De-energizes the stepper motors so you can move/rotate them.

Got it, thanks!