Taz 6 clone build Z position issue

Hello, I recently completed a clone build of the taz 6 printer and successfully turned it on. However, the extruder head will only move down in the Z direction and won’t go up. On the LCD screen, the z position shows it going up but doesn’t physically move. Not sure where to start but thinking it may be something with the wiring which is a weak spot for me. Any help is appreciated thanks!

Did you build your own firmware, or use Lulzbot’s?

I used lulzbot firmware with the cura lulzbot edition.

That means you’ve got the right board and firmware, so it comes down to a wiring issue. My guess would be with the way you have the Z endstops wired to the switches - using the NO instead of the NC or the other way around, or you’ve got it connected to the board wrong.