Nozzle touching bed instead of washer during leveling

I’m having an issue with my Taz 6 during leveling. It will level just fine for the first two washers; however, when it reaches the third washer, it doesn’t move far back enough for the nozzle to touch the washer. Instead, it digs into the edge of the bed, causing it to bend slightly and lead to a failed bed leveling. I’ve leveled out the x-axis and it moves far enough to the right where it would touch the washer if the bed had moved further forward. This leads me to think it has something to do with the y-axis not moving far enough, but I’m not really sure what the problem is.

Ensure that your Cura LE printer is set to be using the correct toolhead. If you are not 100% sure what toolhead you have (not uncommon to mistake a SE for a Single Extruder, for example), take a picture of it and post a reply.

Plug the printer into your computer’s USB and update the printer’s firmware for the correct printer/toolhead combination via Cura LE.

In the printer’s menu with the latest firmware, it should have a toolhead menu. Select your toolhead.

Try printing again with a freshly-sliced file. If this fails, posting a video of what’s happening will help the most.

Possible mechanical reasons are something is physically blocking movement, or your print bed is not in the correct spot and has shifted, or a loose belt.

Possible software reasons could be that your steps/mm got changed.

Hardware failures could be a failing stepper or driver.