Two questions / LULZBOT TAZ 6

Hi, i have the printer Lulzbot TAZ 6 and works amazing but im having problems, i dont know if someone can help me, im noob on this.

1._ It is possible print with 1.75 filament size on this ? i have too much material and i cant sell it. I wish to use this filaments on my new printer

2._ Im having problems with the plataform adhesion, always the piece is moving then im fixed it putting an adhesive to the brim meanwhile is printing.

Sorry my bad english but im looking for help. Thanks!!

See my post here I built a toolhead with parts from to print 1.75 with the correct parts. It will cost ~$100 but you’ll have more flexibility. Trying to print 1.75 filament with the 3mm toolhead will most often lead to jams and frustration.

Regarding Bed adhesion, you need to lower the first layer more. There should be a way in your slicing software to lower the first layer more than it is currently. Do this AND slow the first layer down. Those are the 2 most effective ways of getting the first layer to stick better.

You might also get along just fine with your current toolhead and a short piece of 1.75mm bowden tube.


firstly… try on a sample of filament… many suppliers will supply a short free sample or a short “paid for” sample

secondly… read the taz texts on 1.75 filament… lulzbot said, in several postings, that they have run 1.75 without any real problems except slight (and I do meam very little) surface imperfections.

third… I have run 2.8 and 1.75 with minimal setup changes without problems… just do the extrusion speed tests

the only real problem is with very brittle (rare) or too flexible a filament