TAZ Workhorse Blue Screen

Upgraded to a new tool head (SL) on my TAZ Workhorse, upgraded the firmware. Turned the unit off since i was going to be away and when i turned it back on a couple of hours later the LCD screen on the printer is just blue (backlight is on) and CURA cannot talk to connect to it via USB. What happened?

if you go to %appdata% and pull the error log from the cura folder there should be a line in there that tells you which firmware it pulled. We are pushing changes to the automatic firmware update process to fix an error where the wrong firmware was picked. In the mean time you should be able to upload the correct firmware using the manual button and selecting the TAZ Workhorse Universal firmware . If that doesn’t fix your problem please contact support and open a ticket by email at support@lulzbot.com

Was able to get it working putting the stock HE tool firmware back on. Guess i will have to wait for a fix to use the new toolhead.

Does the firmware that I linked not work for you?

Wasn’t sure how i could upload it to the machine.

use the upload custom firmware option.

Gotcha, will try it when i go back to work next week. Thanks for the help will let you know if i am successful.

Of course, if you have troubles support@lulzbot.com will be able to handle your issue.