LulzBot TAZ SideKick 747 - M175 - won't lower on Z axis

I just got a LulzBot TAZ SideKick 747.

I’ve done a successful octoprint from an SD card, though my on subsequent print it seems my z-axis is no longer lowering. When I first turn on the printer I can move along the z axis both directions, though it then prompts me to home the Z axis and as soon as I do so it stops responding to -z axis moves.

I ran m119, though I don’t know the expected results and have no idea if this return is as it should be.

[09:14:27] M119
< [09:14:27] T:20.41 /0.00 B:20.47 /0.00 @:0 B@:0
< [09:14:29] Reporting endstop status
< [09:14:29] x_min: open
< [09:14:29] y_min: open
< [09:14:29] z_min: TRIGGERED
< [09:14:29] filament: TRIGGERED
< [09:14:29] ok P15 B3

Any help or advice is appreciated.


@krashkittnIt sounds like the BLTouch might be acting up. The M119 report looks correct for when the printer is sitting at idle and the BLTouch LED light is red. Can you check the M119 report after the BLTouch is deployed (Configuration>BLTouch>Deploy)? The BLTouch should be blue and the M119 should read back that z_min is open.

Yes! This was the issue. The sensor was red all of the time and after running the test on it through the controller, it started responding correctly and I’ve got my print going now.

Thank you so much!!