Taz 6 BLTouch working....


Been working on 1.1.8 with help from Menissalt and got the BLTouch doing bilinear auto leveling on the Taz 6. I have one issue I need help with - can’t get the control knob to move the z axis during z-offset adjustment making the whole thing quite useless! The knob works for everything else - moving axes, selecting menus etc - I think it’s an issue with baby stepping somewhere but can’t find it.

Using 1.8.3 IDE and just edited Menissalt’s version for the Taz 5 - actually quite easy considering I have very little experience with this stuff…

Hopefully I can get the z offset working so I can do some test prints…


Check out the progress thus far:


So the z offset knob worked briefly after I reflashed - then the communication said “Updating zoffset in EEPROM: -1.00; EEPROM Index 254”

After that the knob does nothing? Ideas? This is the only thing holding back the BLTouch upgrade to my Taz 6 right now…

Sooo… looks like I can set it once then it saves and no longer works - even during the print - sending M851 commands doesn’t do anything either - other than update the z offset but it doesn’t happen immediately - i.e cause any movement in the z axis.

Please help!


You might send a message to the lulzbot firmware master marcio and ask take a look at the thread. Make sure to upload your firmware source with a note that it’s only for debugging so others can see what might be wrong.

It works but it’s nothing like the older firmware where the steppers would actually move in real time and you could hear them baby stepping when you turned the knob - seems the printer must be printing and you have to use the “tune” menu to adjust z offset - don’t know if that’s how it’s supposed to be or not…


I’m in the middle of a 10 hour print so I can’t test mine to find out. Seems like a firmware menu choice to me. Might be intentional or something that just hasn’t been added in the development version yet.

The Aerostruder upgrade is looking pretty nice, love where you positioned to BLTcouh too, much better than the limited placement options I have with my extruder.

You can download the STL’s for that toolhead design from thingiverse or itworks3d.com - it’s a really, really nice design and not hard to print - the lightest extruder solution I’ve yet found.

I’m still tweaking the BLTouch mount design to make it more stiff for people who may not want to print it in carbon-filled nylon - will upload the stl when it’s perfect.

Mount file:



Here are some pics of a freshly printed toolhead and the final mount in 3DeXtech Carbon-X Nylon - it’s the tits!

When I use the lcd menus and knob the z axis moves, this might be a taz 6 issue? You can also just move the axis with S3D

Yeah - it works on the 6 right after you flash FW but as soon as it saves to EEPROM the knob stops moving the axis unless the printer is printing. This isn’t a huge issue because you really need to be printing the first layer to get the z axis perfect… just wonder why it’s different?