Lulzbot Taz Tool Head Wire Harness Connector Part Numbers

G’day all - I recently struggled finding the part numbers for the electrical parts needed to connect your tool head wires to the Taz 3-D printer wire bundle. I eventually had a win and wanted to share my adventure with fellow forum users (lulzbot is awesome but i couldn’t find this info on their website so - “WALLAH!” SUPPLEMENTATION!!")

After an intense, multi-dimensional google dive (based on the part number of the pins on the lulzbot heater cartridge, I found a website ( that actually listed all the housings, pins and female crimp terminals with specific part numbers!

I was then able to use those wonderful keywords (listed below) to punch in a specific order into the supplier website ( without spending zillions of hours filtering an endless confusing list of very similar parts:

  • The Housing: “Molex 2x8 double row connector housing” (Molex Part Number 22552161)

  • The pins: Molex 0016020108 Digikey WM2565-ND (male)

  • The female terminals: Molex 0016020097 Digikey wm2513-ND (Female))

the odt files in list all the part numbers for all the different model of Taz. Look for the ones labled “BOM” or Bill of Materials. Sometimes they are in as well. You can open those files with Microsoft excel.

Piercet you rock! :metal:t3: Thanks for the pointer mate :smiley: will defo keep this in mind as future challenges crop up :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

You’re welcome!

Glad we could help! Piercet’s point about the BOMs being your first stop is great- Thank you to LulzBot for sharing!
We also know that it can be a bit tough to find the right BOM, then find something in the BOM, so we’ve tried to highlight the common parts on our website.
Another tip to find related parts- do a site search with the known part #, and the related BOMS should turn up in the results.
The convention for google (spaces are important) is: <part #>